GLC You Later: Mercedes-Benz Clinches January’s Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossover Title

4,743 people made a New Year’s resolution to buy a Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. What were this month’s best-selling compact luxury crossovers?

What was the best-selling compact luxury crossover in January 2018? That would be the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. While more people went for the three-pointed star than any other model in this segment, perennial favorites like the Lexus NX and Audi Q5 also fared well. Check out the list below to find out last month’s best-selling compact luxury crossover. Stay tuned to for more sales updates! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Car and TFLnow on YouTube for the latest videos on your favorite new models.

1) Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

January 2018 Best-selling Luxury Crossovers
[Photo: Mercedes-Benz]

January 2018 Sales: 4,743 units

The GLC-Class wasn’t just the best-selling compact luxury crossover this month – it was the best-selling Mercedes model. So many more people bought one, in fact, that the model’s sales increased 54.7% over January 2017. That’s also the biggest leap among the contenders on this list compared to the same point last year. In January 2017, Mercedes moved just 3,065 GLC models.

2) Lexus NX

January 2018 Best-selling Luxury Crossovers: 2018 Lexus NX300
[Photo: Lexus]

January 2018 Sales: 4,205 units

Lexus practically invented the luxury crossover back in the late 90s with the RX, so it’s only natural its smaller sibling would end up here. As with the Mercedes, the Lexus NX also had a great month over January 2017. Sales of this model increased 41.9% from 2,964 units sold at the same point last year.

3) Audi Q5

[Photo: Audi]

January 2018 Sales: 4,088 units

The Q5 was, by considerable margin, Audi’s best-selling vehicle. Crossovers are hot, and within this market, the Q5 was the brand’s bread and butter. In January 2018, Audi moved 4,088 Q5s, 12% more than they sold at the same time last year.

4) Acura RDX

January 2018 Best-Selling Luxury Crossovers: Acura RDX
[Photo: Acura]

January 2018 Sales: 2,961 units

The Acura RDX has been a good, steady seller for the brand these past few years. That trend continues into the new year, as the RDX was the fourth best-selling luxury compact crossover. While its sales, on the whole, have been steady, January 2018 saw a 7.5% drop versus the same time last year.

5) BMW X3

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers:
[Photo: BMW]

January 2018 Sales: 2,954 units

BMW’s X3 has long held a reputation as what’s arguably the most “driver-focused” compact luxury SAV. For those unfamiliar with the BMW nomenclature, they refer to their X series as “Sports Activity Vehicles”. A new version was just launched in November. It’s sales are down slightly compared to January 2017 (2,954 versus 3,154 last January). That amounts to a 6.3% drop from the same point last year.

6) Buick Envision

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Buick Envision
[Photo: Buick]

January 2018 Sales: 2,487 units

While Buick’s subcompact crossover sells it at a rate of two to one, the Envision stands as the brand’s third best-selling model in January 2018. Buick moved 2,487 Envisions last month, up 13.7% from the same point last year.

7) Porsche Macan

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Porsche Macan
[Photo: Porsche]

January 2018 Sales: 1,636 units

Porsche’s entry-level model is also its best-seller, just edging out its bigger brother, the Cayenne. Despite that status, Macan sales still took a hit compared to January 2017. Back then, Porsche shifted 1,960 units. Now, they’ve moved 1,636 units, a 16.6% drop.

8) Volvo XC60

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Volvo XC60
[Photo: Volvo]

January 2018 Sales: 1,620 units

Volvo has been on a roll when it comes to styling. Their XC90 was a success for the brand, and now comes the new, smaller XC60. Now built on the brand’s Scalable Product Architecture platform, the XC60 matches its bigger sibling on looks. So far, Volvo has moved 1,620 units in 2018. That’s twice as many cars as Volvo managed to sell of the old model in January 2017.

9) Lincoln MKC

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Lincoln MKC
[Photo: TFLcar]

January 2018 Sales: 1,197 units

Lincoln rolled out its smallest crossover, the MKC, as a 2015 model year. Since then, it’s been chugging along as a steady seller, but hasn’t seen any major updates. That may be starting to affect its sales, as the MKC sold 28.2% fewer units than it had in January of last year.

13) Jaguar F-PACE – TBD

Jaguar F-PACE
[Photo: Jaguar]

January 2018 Sales: 1,186 units

Jaguar sold 1,458 examples of the F-Pace in January 2017. As the marque’s first crossover, the F-Pace has been one of Jaguar’s best-selling models. That distinction remains true now, but F-Pace sales did drop to 1,186 units in January 2018. That represents an 18.7% fall from this point last year. Sales across the entire Jaguar brand were down 11.9% from 2,939 units sold in January 2017.

10) Range Rover Evoque

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Range Rover Evoque
[Photo: Land Rover]

January 2018 Sales: 1,161 units

The Range Rover Evoque serves the marque’s entry-level model. The most affordable Range Rover model found 1,161 driveways in January 2018. That does represent a good month for the model, as Land Rover only moved 916 units in January 2017 (a 26.7% increase).

11) Infiniti QX50 (outgoing model)

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Infiniti QX50

January 2018 Sales: 1,051 units

Infiniti is replacing its QX50 crossover this spring. It first debuted in LA, and gets updated styling and features akin to the brand’s sedan models. As the new QX50 just debuted in LA, people may be holding out for the new model to arrive. As a result, QX50 sales were down 12.9%, from 1,206 units sold in January 2017.

12) Alfa Romeo Stelvio

January 2018 Best-Selling Compact Luxury Crossovers: Alfa Romeo Stelvio
[Photo: FCA]

January 2018 Sales: 688 units

Alfa Romeo brought out the Stelvio as an all-new model last year. This crossover, and it’s Giulia sedan sibling, represent a reintroduction of the brand into the U.S. on a more mainstream basis. FCA moved 688 Stelvios in January 2018.