Mercedes-Benz Outsold Jaguar 24-to-1 Last Month: Here are January 2018’s Best-Selling Midsize Luxury Sedans

This January, Jaguar Sold Just 183 XF models. Mercedes-Benz sold 24 times as many examples of the E-Class.

While luxury crossovers are a hot market, some luxury midsize sedans also saw their sales pick up in January 2018. The Mercedes E-Class remained a strong seller, edging out a slightly increased sales pace over last year. Sales of other models, like the Jaguar XF, have fallen to near zero. Where do the other models stack up? Check out the list below for January 2018’s best-selling midsize luxury sedans. Stay tuned to for more sales updates! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Car and TFLnow on YouTube for the latest videos on your favorite new models.

1) Mercedes-Benz E-Class

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Mercedes-Benz E-Class
[Photo: Mercedes-Benz]

January 2018 Sales: 4,099 units

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class was the second best-selling model, behind the GLC crossover. Sales were so good for the E-Class this month, in fact, that its sales were 55% higher than the next model on this list. While that number is significant, it represents just a slight increase over January 2017. Mercedes sold 4,022 examples of the E-Class at this point last year – a 1.9% increase.

2) Lexus ES

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Lexus ES
[Photo: Lexus]

January 2018 Sales: 2,640 units

Lexus’ ES models sold well last month. This midsize sedan bridges the gap between the larger LS and the smaller IS executive cars. Lexus moved 2,640 units in January 2018. That represents a 21.6% increase over the 2,171 units the company sold at the same point last year.

3) BMW 5 Series

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: BMW 5 Series
[Photo: BMW]

January 2018 Sales: 2,456 units

BMW revamped the 5 Series in 2017, starting the new G30 generation. Based on the G11 platform that underpins the 7 Series, BMW’s midsize offering got a fresh new face and advanced driver assist systems in the redesign. BMW moved 2,456 units in January 2018. Now, at the same point last year, they moved just 749 units. If that 328% increase in sales over this point last year sounds weird to you, that’s just because the latest 5 Series went on sale in February 2017.

4) Acura TLX

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Acura TLX
[Photo: Acura]

January 2018 Sales: 2,155 units

We’ve tested the TLX on the road. We’ve tested it on the track. Recently, we took the TLX out for a thrashing in the snow. We thought it was good, and the car-buying public must agree. Sales of the Acura TLX picked up 8.7% over January 2017, when the company sold 1,903 units.

5) Lincoln MKZ

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Lincoln MKZ
[Photo: Lincoln]

January 2018 Sales: 1,176 units

Lincoln’s MKZ sedan received a major facelift in 2017 to bring the model more into line with the larger Continental’s styling. This year, the MKZ sales have fallen substantially. The company shifted just 1,176 units – a 43.7% drop on the 2,090 units they sold in January 2017.

6) Audi A6

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Audi A6
[Photo: Audi]

January 2018 Sales: 751 units

As with most companies, Audi’s sedan sales are flagging while their crossover sales are booming. The Audi A6, one a powerhouse in the brand’s lineup, is experiencing slow sales at the moment. In January 2018, Audi sold 751 examples of the A6. That’s a 26% drop compared to the 1,o08 units the company sold in 2017. However, sales of their Q5 and Q7 are up 12.4% and 19.3%, respectively.

7) Cadillac CTS

[Photo: Cadillac]

January 2018 Sales: 662 units

The Cadillac CTS isn’t a huge seller, but it is moving at a steady pace. Cadillac managed to sell 662 units in January 2018. That’s a 4.2% drop from the 691 units the company managed to shift at the same point last year.

8) Buick Regal 

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Buick Regal Sportback
[Photo: Buick]

January 2018 Sales: 568 units

Buick’s Regal underwent a drastic transformation for the 2018 model year. As such, only certain models are on sale right now, such as the FWD version of the Sportback, as well as the AWD version with the Sights & Sounds package and the GS. Other models will be available this month, according to Buick’s website. Buick sold 568 Regals in January 2018, a 40.3% drop from its pace this time last year. But that should pick up when the rest of the range goes on sale.

9) Volvo S90

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Volvo S90
[Photo: TFLcar]

January 2018 Sales: 590 units

Volvo’s S90 looks and feels like a high-class car. Buyers must be taking to Volvo’s appeal with the S90, since its sales have shot up 145.1% over the same point last year. Mind you, 2017 was the first model year of the new S90.

10) Infiniti Q70

January 2018's best-selling midsize luxury sedans: Infiniti Q70
[Photo: Infiniti]

January 2018 Sales: 386 units

Infiniti’s Q70 is a bit older than the rest of its competition. That may be one of the reasons its sales are falling off, as the company moved 386 units in January 2018. Contrast that to the same point last year, where Infiniti sold 476 Q70s. That represents a 18.9% decline from January 2017.

11) Jaguar XF

January 2018's Best-Selling Midsize Luxury Sedans: Jaguar XF
[Photo: Jaguar]

January 2018 Sales: 183 units

If you come across a new Jaguar XF on the road, take note – it’s an increasingly rare sight. In January 2018, Jaguar sold just 183 XF units. That’s a 36.9% drop from the 290 units they sold in January 2017. If the sedan is a becoming a rare sight, the XF Sportbrake is a unicorn among Jaguars in the U.S.