Porsche Careens into Spectators Leaving Boise Cars and Coffee Event [News]

*WARNING: The content shown in the video above may be disturbing to some viewers.*

A terrifying scene erupted this past weekend at a Boise Cars and Coffee event.

This past Saturday, a man leaving a Boise Cars and Coffee event in a Porsche Boxster Spyder careened into a crowd of spectators. Going by the video above, the scene was shocking, with one spectator stating, “One body after another going flying up in the air, and shoes flying everywhere, and cellphones…” Boise Police stated the accident occurred just before 11 A.M. local time, and they have yet to release the driver’s name.

Fortunately, no one died from the accident, according to Boise police spokesperson Haley Williams. However, eleven people were hospitalized with serious, although not life-threatening, injuries. Police further stated an investigation is ongoing and that the driver may face prosecution.

Going by police statements and witness accounts, this accident is another unfortunate example of showing off gone wrong. The Cars and Coffee organizers released a statement to the Idaho Statesman, saying:

“Speed, racing or any other types of driving are not part of the event. This accident occurred on a public road and was the driver’s sole decision…We do not condone exhibition of speed on any level on public roads.”

Hopefully this event won’t jeopardize other Cars and Coffee events in the area. Regardless, it serves as a stern reminder to car enthusiasts everywhere: don’t engage in reckless behavior on public roads. TFLcar may update this post as more information becomes available.