The Jeep Quicksand Concept is the Real Life Hot Wheels of Your Boyhood Dreams

Meet the Jeep Quicksand concept; A V8 powered hot rod Wrangler with the looks to match its old-school attitude.

For 2017 Jeep went all out with its concept models for the Easter Jeep Safari. This Wrangler based monster is powered by a 392 HEMI fed through eight velocity stacks. A traditional  six speed manual transmission and four wheel drive with front and rear lockers should mean this custom Wrangler can still perform out on the trails. In classic hot rod form, front and rear tire sizes are offset with the backs riding on 37 inch Mud Terrains and the fronts rolling on 32s with the same tires.

Besides the obvious powertrain differences between the Quicksand and a stock Wrangler, the body is vastly modified. The wheel base has been stretched with overhangs chopped off front and rear. The roof line and windshield have also been trimmed though an open top and lack of windows should retain the open air Jeep feel. An unobstructed view of the engine and downturned open headers certainly contribute to the vintage “gasser” vibe.

Speaking of open headers, a switch mounted in the cabin can activate a cutout that changes the growl from “loud” to “obnoxious”. A custom minimalist interior with quilted leather finish off what appears to be a well rounded tribute to vintage Americana. One look at the fabricated instrument cluster and lack of climate controls reminds us that this vehicle will most likely never see production.

While very cool looking, I wonder how velocity stacks will handle the dust and debris of the Moab dessert. The fronted-mounted moon tank conceals a Warn winch, and out back a mock parachute hides recovery straps.

Every year Jeep invites journalists to drive these concept vehicles at the Easter Jeep Safari, and the TFL team will be there in just a few weeks to sample the best Jeep has to offer. Check out the video below for more fun offload adventures in Moab!