How To Fix The Horn on a Porsche: Baja Boxster Project Porsche Ep.3 [Video]

How difficult is it to get a broken horn working on a 1999 Porsche Boxster? In the latest episode of TFL’s Project Porsche series, Tommy Mica found out after he changed out the parts to get everything working properly.

TFL has been working on the Porsche in several episodes replacing parts to get the vehicle in tiptop condition. This time it was the horn turn to get an overhaul.

The fist thing Tommy did was to replace the horn ring, a part that cost him about $100. Tommy also made sure to buy a genuine Porsche part to ensure that everything went smoothly.


To get to the horn ring, Tommy first disconnected the car’s battery and then removed the airbag from the steering wheel. Once that was off, he saw that the old ring was worn so he took that off and replaced it with the new ring.

After putting back the airbag and reconnecting the battery, it was time for the big test. Once he pushed the horn, a sound like no other emanated from the vehicle.

Was the horn fixed with just the replacement of the horn ring? What else did Tommy need to do to get the horn working? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.