Jaguar brings the D-Type back to life with the XKSS – LA Debut [Video]

The iconic Jaguar D-Type has risen from the ashes and will once again be able to cruise the streets.

Jaguar representatives unveiled the XKSS during the 2016 LA Auto Show recently, describing how the new, limited-edition car came to be.

Jaguar XKSS

The XKSS may be new, but it’s actually a resurrection of the classic vehicle that came to life almost 60 years ago. When Jaguar built the original D-Type, it only was supposed to build a limited number of the supercar.

Legendary actor Steve McQueen had one, which was at the auto show and on display before Jaguar unveiled the new XKSS.

Tragically, before Jaguar built all the D-Types, a fire tore through its factory, destroying the parts and dashing the hopes of Jaguar to finish the rest of the vehicles.

But it didn’t stop Jaguar from bringing the D-Type back.

Jaguar XKSS

After extensive research, building all the parts and scouring the archives, Jaguar recreated the D-Type.

How much is the new XKSS? Does it look and feel similar to Steve McQueen’s version? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.