Is the 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 S faster than a Hellcat from 0 to 60? [Video]

With 204 more horsepower, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat should be much faster in a straight line race than the 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 S. But is it?

Once again the Hellcat went up against the AMG in a zero to 60 test comparison performed by TFL’s Roman Mica at TFL’s home track, IMI Motorsports Park in Dacono, Colo.

Although the Hellcat wasn’t there, Roman used stats from several months ago when he tested the muscle car at one mile above sea level in Colorado. For that test, the Hellcat did a quick 4.47 seconds. At sea level, both the Hellcat and the AMG should go from zero to 60 in 3.6 seconds.

With the AMG having a total of 503 horsepower but being at the same height above sea level, was it able to outperform the Hellcat, which has 707 horsepower?

And, how did the Mercedes perform during an quick spin around the track? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.