TFL Top 5: Cars With The Very Best Manual Transmissions [Video]

On this TFL Top 5 video, Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen count down the best of something that’s dear to many enthusiasts’ hearts – manual transmissions.

Their numbers may be rapidly declining, but there is still no better interface between a driver and a car than a well-sorted manual transmission. To be able to decide which gear to be in – and not letting a computer do it for you – is a feeling of power over the machine. Plus, mastering techniques like double-clutching or heel-and-toeing is a joy for any serious driver.

If your favorite car and/or transmission isn’t on this list, it’s because Nathan and Roman are only including cars they’ve actually driven. As a bonus, they will also add in a few cars they feel have the worst manual transmissions.

Some of these cars are obvious choices, but there is a surprise in the bunch. And they’re not all high-buck vehicles – this list proves that you don’t need to spend the equivalent of a nice house (depending on the market) to get a good manual.

What is your favorite manual transmission? Start the conversation in the comments below. And check out the full video above to find out what are the best manual transmissions, as well as the worst. The car in the featured image is a clue, but is it on the best, or worst list?

And stay tuned, part two will be posted tomorrow, and this time will count down the best, and worst, automatic transmissions.