Motor Mountain USA: Searching for Snow in Arizona [Video]

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Motor Mountain Monday – Arizona

What is the highest drivable road in Arizona available to the public? The Motor Mountain USA (#MotorMountainUSA) epic road trip is about the adventure and learning the highest points across the United States, and Arizona is first on the list.

Motor Mountain USA is a celebration of all things American and the road less traveled.  Nathan, Roman, Andre and Emme are driving a 2015 Jeep Rubicon Wrangler Hard Rock across the country to visit the 50 highest drivable mountain tops in all 50 states. Along the way they will visit the roads less traveled and the American attractions that make the United States one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Roman and Nathan kick off the trip at the Grand Canyon, and proceed to climb in search of higher elevations. Can they reach snow in Arizona in April? Turns out the highest elevation public road in Arizona is the Arizona Snowbowl ski area near Flagstaff, AZ at 9,500 feet above sea level.

motor mountain usa epic road trip belt buckle

This is trip is also about involving you in the adventure. This is why TFLcar has commissioned 50 commemorative silver belt buckles, one for each state. We will leave a belt buckle somewhere in the state and will tell the coordinates, so that you can find it. The first person to find it, keeps it. The only requirement is – you need to send us a picture of you with the belt buckle. You can tweet to us @TFLcar, Facebook us at TFLcar, use the #MotorMountainUSA hashtag, email, or all of the above. One hint for the Arizona belt buckle location – you may also find a Jeep Wrangler there.

arizona motor mountain usa belt buckle coordinates

Here are the coordinates: N 35 deg 13.461′ and W 111 deg 34.129′.

Thanks to Turtle Wax and their ICE premium car care products with new Smart Shield Technology for helping make the Motor Mountain USA adventure possible and for keeping the Jeep Wrangler looking good! #FreeTheSoul Check out the Turtle Wax ICE system.

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