1965 Hillman Husky – Field Find [Photo of the Day]

1965 hillman husky

Check out this 1965 Hillman Husky Series III that TFLclassics found in Boulder, Colorado.  Not many people know this line of British passenger cars made from 1954 to 1970.  This 1965 model represents the third generation and the final year of this model in United States.

The body of this example is mostly solid with just a couple of problem areas down low.  The hood and all exterior components are still with the car.  The engine and transmission are also there and stored away.  The Husky used engines between 1390 cc and 1592 cc, which were OK to propel the little 2,000 pound car down the road.  Interior is the only major component that this project car somehow lost along the way.

If you are interested in this Hillman Husky – give folks at www.johns4x4.com a call.

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