Tired Team Sky Tour de France Pros Use New Ford GT as a Bench [Poll]

Would you sit on a $500,000 supercar?

Is it wrong to sit on a Ford GT, or any exotic car?

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It’s been a very long three weeks on the 2018 Tour de France so it probably comes as no surprises that the winning team’s top riders needed a well deserved rest.

But sitting on a brand new TdF Ford GT? Really?

Team Sky has a multi-year partnership agreement with Ford to provide cars and vans for the team but little did Ford know that the company’s halo Ford GT would serve as bench duty for the team’s star riders.

Of course this is a photo but come on guys It’s not a bench.  Sitting on car that cost a half a million dollars (if you can get one) is just not cool and certainly does not create the “winning” photo opportunity.

Many of the pros who compete in the Tour de France are guys. But let’s face it any real car guy would probably never use a Ford GT as a bench.