New Toyota Sub-Compact Will Get a Mazda SkyActiv Engine

Mazda Hazumi Concept
Mazda Hazumi Concept

Toyota is set to borrow from Mazda by incorporating its fuel-efficient SkyActiv engine into its newest sub-compact offering. The Mazda2-based vehicle is set to be built at Mazda’s new assembly plant in Salamanca, Mexico.

Mazda has yet to unveil details about the next generation of its Mazda2 which was hinted at in the Mazda Hazumi Concept just unveiled in Geneva. The Mazda2 could begin production at the Mexico plant later this year. This would be in addition to the Mazda3 which already started production there in January of this year.

The current Mazda2 does not offer a SkyActiv engine, unless you happen to be shopping in the Japanese market where it is available. When the next-generation is introduced, its expected to include the full suite of SkyActiv technology.

The partnership between the two automakers will have Toyota responsible for the interior and exterior design elements of their new sub-compact while Mazda provides the engine. This new vehicle will likely be the replacement for the Toyota Yaris.

Mazda will be producing 50,000 units off the new Toyota sub-compact which is a good chunk of the Salamanca, Mexico plant’s capacity of 230,000 vehicles. Production is slated to begin on April 1, 2015 and last through March 31, 2016.

This isn’t the first time that Toyota has turned to other manufacturers to supply engines for some of its vehicles, although it’s definitely not the norm. The Scion FR-S has an engine from Fuji Heavy Industries which builds for Subaru, and the Lexus LFA engine came from Yamaha.

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