Former Supercar Panoz Esperante now can be yours super cheap

The rare and now affordable Panoz Esperante
The rare and now affordable Panoz Esperante

Once upon a time the Panoz Esperante was considered a supercar to rival such cars as the Aston Martin DB7 Vantage and Ferrari 575.

But today this exotic can be yours at a very reasonable price we assume. We spotted this rare example of a 2003 Panoz Esperante for sale in Longmont, Colorado with only 23,000 miles.  Back in the day these cars had a starting price of just over $80.000. USD.

As you can tell it still holds a place of prominence on the corner used car lot.


Perhaps because this could well be the only Panoz Esperante in all of Colorado, or because it still packs a punch with a 305 hp four cam 4.6L V8.

In 2006, a racing version of the  Panoz Esperante distinguished itself at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with a impressive win.

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