Formula One ace Michael Schumacher had a massive skiing accident and is in critical condition

michael schumacher lewis hamiltonHospital officials say Michael Schumacher is in critical condition after suffering massive head trauma while skiing in the French Alps this Sunday. “Schumacher was taken to University Hospital Center of Grenoble in a coma and required immediate brain surgery,” hospital officials said in a written statement.

The accident occurred when Schumacher was skiing on unmarked slopes near the Meribel resort near the Georges Bauduis Piste and La Biche Piste. It is unknown as to exactly how the accident happened, but it was reported that he was wearing a helmet at the time. Rescuers airlifted him minutes after the accident and transferred him to University Hospital Center of Grenoble.

Resort director Christophe Gernignon-Lecomte said the incident happened while Schumacher was skiing off-piste (on unmarked slopes) Sunday morning in the mountains of Meribel resort between Georges Bauduis Piste and La Biche Piste.
Gernignon-Lecomte told CNN the racing star was wearing a helmet when he hit his head. Rescuers reached him minutes later and airlifted him to a nearby hospital, he said. – – Via CNN

Michael Schumacher has millions of fans worldwide and is one of the most successful racers of all time. He is a huge advocate for the sport and recently retired from Formula One racing. It is said by many that his records are some of the most profound in any form of auto racing.

Information is beginning to hit the wires and we will update you as the situation changes.

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