F1: Vettel crushes the field in Singapore, Webber penalized for riding Ferrari

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Sebastian Vettel had another Formula 1 Grand Slam weekend in Singapore.  He crushed the field and came in 32.6 seconds ahead of second place Fernando Alonso after leading every lap and also taking the fastest lap of the race.  What else is new?

Well, something very unusual did happen at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix.  Mark Webber’s RedBull race car went up in flames on the very last lap of the race.  A huge disappointment!  Webber could have had a long and dejected walk back to the pit lane, but he decided to walk onto the race track and hail down the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso to hitch a ride by sitting on top of the car.  Alonso was on a cool down lap after taking second place.  Webber put one of his legs inside Alonso’s cockpit and held on to the top camera bar of the Ferrari for a slow two mile ride.  This made a very unusual sight!

In the end, both drivers got penalized, but Webber got the worst part of the deal.  FIA penalized Mark for walking on active race track with a 10-spot grid penalty in next Grand Prix of Korea.  Apparently, this was Webber’s third infraction of the year.  Needless to say, the RedBull racer is very unhappy.

Mark Webber is leaving the RedBull team at the end of this year.

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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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