Top 5 Pink Cars to get Your Special Lady for Valentine’s Day

pink ferrari california car
Ferrari California

Valentine’s day is upon us and many a guy is now scrambling for ideas of what to get his special lady friend.  What gift to get?  Where to get a dinner reservation?  What flowers would she prefer?  Imagine her excitement if you actually repainted or wrapped her car in a nice shade of pink!  Not all women like pink, but those who do – are sure to appreciate a car done in pink.  Right?  Girls love pink cars!

It has to be tastefully done.  Perhaps with ghost flames or a two tone layout?  Maybe some stripes?  It does not have to be permanent either.  You can get the car wrapped in vinyl or get the car “dipped” with a PlastiDip product.  This way, if she doesn’t like it, then its pretty easy to return the car back to original.

Here is a selection of pink vehicles for you to get some ideas.  Which one do you prefer most?  Let us know in the comments section.

5. How about this Lada VAZ-2101?

pink cars lada vaz 2101

This could also be a Fiat 124, on which the VAZ-2101 was based.  Who would have thunk?  A pink 30+ year old Lada?






4. How about this Ford Mustang?

pink cars ford mustang

This color may be a little too Mary Kay?






3. How about this Hummer H3?

pink cars hummer h3

This H3 looks to be well done, even with pink accents on the wheels.






2. How about this Dodge Challenger?

pink cars dodge challenger stripes

I especially like the white stripes on this Challenger.  It maintains the classic look.






1. How about this Jeep Wrangler Unlimited?

pinks cars jeep wrangler unlimited

Perhaps this Jeep is the best?  Who doesn’t like a lifted Wrangler with beefy tires?






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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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