Photo of the Day: Can you read this Chinglish

Can you read this Chinglish?

Wikipedia defines the word Chinglish as “Chinglish refers to spoken or written English language that is influenced by the Chinese language.”

Can you read this Chinglish on this very colorful Chinese Chevy?

It seems to be an advertising slogan for for a company called Junction Produce.

But what Junction Produce produces is a bit difficult to figure out.

China is a golden land for automakers and one of the largest consumers of new vehicles on the planet. General Motors is one of the key players in the region with one of the largest sales presence of any American automaker. They have adapted to the culture, mastered Chinglish and have more Buicks running around China than any other country.

These photos (provided by Beijing expat Andy Unger) shows one of the very colorful and creative GM cars available in Beijing.

We just can’t help but wonder why someone would spend so much time on a car’s paint job and yet so little time on the English translation.

Chinglish or not, it is an intriguing thing to look at. It’s like a rolling piece of a New York subway on the other side of the world. One of The Fast Lane Car’s contributors noted that the last bit of the translation seems to match-up with parts of the Old Testament while others might match some song lyrics.  Chinglish is difficult to distinguish at times, we just wish we could figure out what they want to say.