And the Top Ten web-based car Videos of this Week are…

TFL Top Ten Show YT2

Every week tens of thousands of new fun car videos are uploaded to YouTube.

But which videos stand out and which ones are the most fun to watch?

You could spend hours watching boring and lame car videos, or you could watch our new show…the TFLcar Top Ten where we seek out and find the week’s ten best, most interesting and fun to watch car videos in our weekly countdown.

Think of the TFLcar Top Ten as a review and round-up show of the Internet’s best car videos, reviews and car shows countdown. This week show features video clips of the new BMW 328i, Subaru BZR, Scion IQ, Dodge Dart, Dodge Challenger SRT8, and Nissan Rogue. Dave Erickson hosts the show which brings you a one-stop place of the week’s very best web-based car videos.

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