Top 10 Tight Cars To Avoid If You’re Tall Or Big

These cars are definitely a bit of a squeeze

When you think of the top 10 cars that are a tight squeeze, you may be thinking about economy cars. Sure, there are a few of those on this list, but not as many as you think. In many cases, we are describing vehicles that are difficult for big people to get comfortable in, or are difficult to enter and exit.

Most of the staff at TFL are over six-feet tall and most agree with this list. One of the more prevalent issues we all agree with isn’t necessary about headroom, or legroom – it’s overall space. Sometimes, the most uncomfortable part is the seat.

Top 10 Tight Cars To Avoid If You're Tall Or Big
Yep, the Civic Type R -Top is on the 10 Cars that are a Tight Squeeze list. [Photo: Honda]

Here are our op 10 cars that are a tight squeeze (in no particular order):

Check out this video to find out the details behind our choices and please add your own!