Video: VW’s new 2012 Super Bowl commercial features cross-training pooch


As you probably already know last year Volkswagen got tens of million of YouTube views with their Star Wars themed Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial.

So this year there was a lot of buzz when VW rolled out another Star Wars themed commercial that has already been viewed 10 million times on YouTube. The so called “The Bark Side” teaser commercials features…you guessed it…dogs in a cool rendition of the Dark Lords theme song from Star Wars.

Now Volkswagen is back with a new Super Bowl commercial that features a chubby out-of- shape dog that decides it needs to get fit to chase cars.

“The Dog Strikes Back” Beetle commercial will air during the 2012 Super Bowl this weekend. But why wait until Super Bowl Sunday when you can watch a chubby dog cross-train right now below.

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