Video: Top Gear Season 16, Episode 4 the boys test three old identical BMW convertibles


Usually when the boys on British Top Gear are presented with a challenge they show up with three different cars…not in this newest show of season 16, episode 4.

Oh no…this time the producers ask them to purchase three four-seater cars for under 2000 pounds and Richard, James and Jeremy all show up in almost the identical car.

Can you guess what car?

We’ll save you the trouble. It is an eighties BMW 325i convertible.

So how can you have a classic Top Gear challenge with three almost identical cars?

You’d be surprised…but why should we tell you when you can watch the latest Top Gear episode via the web.

As always you can watch the first part of the latest episode below, and enjoy all the BMW fun early before the BBC airs in America. But hurry up and watch it as we know that sooner than later it will get pulled from YouTube.

BTW: You can also check out the first episode of our new car show below:

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