Lexus, maker of dull-looking cars, builds a car powered by a never-ending supply of dynamite


Sometimes a car and a review are so interesting that we just have to share them with you.

Our friend, Grant Davis, wrote that review and the car is the Lexus IS-F.

What makes the IS-F such an interesting car is that it comes from the drawing board of one of the most conservative auto makers on the planet.

That would be Toyota, or in this case Toyota’s luxury brand…Lexus.

What makes the review so interesting is just how much fun it is to read, and perhaps more importantly…just how perfectly it captures the spirit of the car.

Here’s an example of what Grant writes about the crazy fast IS-F,

After a couple hours of gleefully beating the crap out the IS-F, I had to wonder why Lexus turned its compact IS sports sedan into this beast. The rear leg and headroom is pretty much useless, and only a fellow sports car nut would enjoy spending more than an hour in the passenger’s seat. The trunk is nothing to brag about either. 

I suspect 90 percent of the people who buy this Lexus will hardly ever carry passengers. Perhaps that’s the point, though. Lexus, maker of dull-looking cars, wanted to give its demographic, which apparently loves average-looking cars, something relatively sporty-looking. The fat tires and aggressively-spoked wheels are difficult to hide and are powered by a never-ending supply of dynamite. If that’s how you roll, your car has arrived.

Our friends over at publish Grant’s work, and you can read the entire review over HERE.

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