Do models in bikinis sell small cars? Nissan certainly thinks so in this video


What does the Nissan Juke and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model have in common?

If you answered that they both accelerate at about the same speed you’d be both right and wrong.

You’d be correct because in the commercial below (model vs model) Nissan compares the acceleration of the new Juke to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model.

Of course you’d be wrong because one of the two is much faster when it comes to a 0-60 time.

Can you guess which one?

We bet you can. So do supermodels in bikinis sell small cars?

The answer is an obvious “yes” because just like THIS Lexus LF-A Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel video, we’ve also posted this one.

Also we can’t help but point our that about 90K people have already viewed this new Nissan commercial and the vast majority seem to like it as well.

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