Brand-new 2012 Ferrari FF all-wheel-drive shooting-brake plays in the snow


It is probably a good thing that the 2012 Ferrari FF is the first Ferrari to have all-wheel-drive because after all the new Italian supercar does have a 6.3-liter V12 engine that puts out 651-horsepower.

That’s a lot of power to keep in check on dry roads, but in the snow that could be handful if it only spun the rear wheels.

Ferrari has just released some more photos of the new FF playing in the snow.

In the press release Ferrari writes, “Due to the outstanding interest created by the new FF and the numerous requests to see the car in movement, Ferrari is pleased to issue some additional photographs of the new four-seater in action on snow. The photo material, showing an advanced prototype and a final model, have been added to the images published by Ferrari in recent weeks.”

We think that it’s just so unusual to see any Ferrari in the snow that people are just curious to see the red prancing horse get frosty and cold.






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