Chicago car salesman sacked on the spot for wearing a Greenbay Pakers necktie


Is it really possible to get the sacked for wearing the wrong tie to work?

In the Chicago suburbs the answer to that question is a big yes.

John C. Stone showed up to work at an Oak Lawn Chevrolet dealership yesterday wearing a Greenbay Packers necktie. He left work a few hours later unemployed.

The 34-year-old Roseland resident was fired Monday for wearing a Greenbay Pakers necktie to work by his boss.

“I didn’t know you could get fired for wearing a tie,” Stone said. “I’m supposed to dress up. I’m a car salesman.”

Stone added that he wore the tie to work on Monday (just one day after the Packers beat the Chicago Bears in the NFC championships) because he’s been a lifelong Greenbay Packers fan and in honor of his 91-year-old grandmother, who’s was also a Pakers fan and who died earlier this month.

Stone said he showed up to work and general manager Jerry Roberts demanded that he remove the tie.  Stone thought he was joking but an hour later when he hadn’t remove the offending tie Roberts fired him on the spot.

But this story has a happy ending.

While appearing an a Chicago based radio program today, Stone was offered a new job a different Chevrolet dealership

“I think it’s ridiculous, and I felt bad for the guy, because he doesn’t deserve not to have a job,” said Guy Cesario, the general manager of Chevrolet of Homewood who offered stone the new job. “Good salesmen are so hard to find…. To put somebody’s livelihood in jeopardy because of a tie is just idiotic.”

Photo Credit: WGN-Ch. 9 Chicago

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