Everything I need to know about Sweden I learned from the 2011 Volvo’s S60 & The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


Okay, I knew some things about Sweden going into my test of the 2011 S60. I knew that Stockholm is the capitol. I knew they make a beverage called Aquavit. I knew they make a delicious candy fish, and that the latest hot export is a fictional crime trilogy about a girl with issues. What I didn’t know is that the 2011 Volvo S60 reflects so much of the Sweden I read about in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. I mean that in an interesting way, not in a creepy way.

For example, Stockholm’s public rail system is called the Tunnelbana. The S60 has it’s own Tunnelbana in the form of a pass-through behind the center console. You can stash your wallet or gadget on the shelf back there, or lip balm, or whatever small object you’d like. Lisbeth, our hero from the GWTDT books would probably stash a can of mace and a nose ring in that nifty little spot.


Also, solving fictional crimes in Sweden requires you cover long distances fairly quickly. Thank goodness for the S60’s powerful 6-cylinder turbo, which would get Mikael Blomqvist (our other hero) to and from Stockholm faster than you can blink an eye. This was truly the most fun facet of the S60 for me. The engine, paired with some exceptional handling, made every errand feel more like a dramatic car chase or adrenaline-infused quest for truth, justice, and revenge. The estimated 18/26 mpgs aren’t too bad for this kind of speed demon, either. Score one for the good guys!


In addition, all the insane safety features would get him there without incident. I mean features like City Safety (which is standard), Anti-lock brakes, and a bevy of seatbelts and airbags. In addition, if you get the Technology Package, you add Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake, Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake, Driver Alert, and Lane Departure Warning.

If Mikael or Lisbeth has passengers, they’ll be pretty comfortable. There was good legroom all around, and well-placed cupholders and consoles. Hey, crime-fighting hackers in Sweden drink a lot of coffee, and the S60 is totally prepared. The trunk had ample space, but remained a mystery to me, maybe Mikael and Lisbeth can figure this one out. The top of the trunk was unlined, exposing bolts, wire, and speaker backs. I noticed this because I scratched up my hand a few times loading and unloading groceries.

But the looks of the Volvo S60 made up for the shortcomings in the cargo area. This car is gorgeous. And like Lisbeth’s tattoos and piercings, the S60 I tested had a distinctive look. The color was “Copper.” It was bright orange. I loved the color. The styling of the 2011 is definitely sleeker and more modern than its predecessors, and many witnesses, er, bystanders, er… people thought it looked beautiful and wanted to know how much it cost. After all the options, my test S60 came in at $46,200.00 MSRP.


This is a lot of car, and $46,200.00 is a hefty chunk of change. But if you like a car with Scandinavian vigilante crime-fighting undertones,

On the TFLcar.com recommendation scale of:

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I give the 2011 Volvo S60 a TFLcar.com rating of




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Sara Growing up in Colorado Sara Lacey was always kind to her cars.  These days however, she spends her time punishing automobiles with the help of her children.  Reviewing cars from the unique perspective of a woman and mom, Sara also writes for MotherProof.com and Cars.com.  In addition, she sits on the board of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association.

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