Sneak peek: We drive the ten hottest new cars of 2011 (part 1)


2011 is going to be a great year for cars and for the people that love ’em.

Think of the all new cars of 2011 as:

– Bigger

– Better

– Faster

– Cheaper

– and of course electric.

There’s really something for everybody in the new automotive world of 2011?

Do you crave muscle?


Do you want fuel efficiency?


Do you want versatility?


Do you want new technology?

So without further delay here’s the TFLcar list (part 1) of the ten hottest new cars of 2011 in no particular order.

10) 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe


Every-so-often a special car comes along that will be a classic in forty years.

The Mach 1 Mustang comes to mind as does the original Cuda.

You can now add 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe to that list of very special cars.

Click HERE for the TFLcar video first drive review.

9) 2011 Nissan Leaf


Let’s just be very clear.

Nissan has pretty much already sold out of the 2011 all electric Leafs.

They have over 10,000 reservations on their books and tens of thousands of more people have expressed interest in buying the car.

Click HERE for the TFLcar video first drive review.

8) 2011 Dodge Charger


Here’s a few performance highlights:

1. The new electric steering system provides better feedback while increasing MPG by not sapping engine RPMs to power it.

2. Suspension, shocks, springs, bump stops – pretty much everything has been recalibrated for better handling, feel and ride. Even the base model feels light on its toes.

3. They got rid of that friggin’ ugly, four-spoke steering wheel in favor of an all new, (good looking) three-spoke steering wheel.

Click HERE for the TFLcar video first drive review.

7) 2011 Volkswagen Jetta


Chances are that you probably know somebody who at one point in their lives has owned a Volkswagen Jetta.

And chances are pretty good that Jetta owner might even be you or someone in your family.

The German Jetta has become as American as Weiss (wheat) beer and pretzels.

In fact the American car buyer represents the lion’s share of Jetta customers around the world.

Click HERE for the TFLcar video first drive review.

6) 2011 Ford Explorer


The American SUV is back.

First came the all new redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee, and now the 2011 Ford Explorer has also been completely redesigned to make it more fuel efficient, comfortable, and much more civilized.

But unlike the old Explorer the new 2011 model is now based on a car-like chassis instead of a truck like body on frame design.

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