LA Auto Show what’s hot & what’s not: Potentially coolest, 2nd-place debut 2011 Scion IQ

Scion IQ

Tidbits: 1.3 liter engine should get between 90 and 110 horsepower. A Continuously Variable Transmission is (unfortunately) the only transmission available. It’s about a foot longer than a Smart car as it is wider and heavier too.

If you’re thinking to yourself that the IQ is an interesting idea based on giving the brand an all new vehicle – I would agree. Even though the Toyota IQ has been around for a little while (in Europe and Asia), its conversion to the Scion name is still noteworthy.

Many people think that Toyota ripped off Smart – to which I say, “yes and no.” Yes – the overall design looks like a pumped up Smart – until you look closely at its innovative design.

No, it’s not a two seater. Not only is there a back seat, but if you do it right, you can get people back there – if they are very small. It’s an odd layout that has a staggered seating configuration allowing for a very small passenger in the back – in a pinch. With the back seats (which nearly but-up to the tailgate) folded, there is cargo room that rivals larger, more expensive vehicles.

I’m a big, fat guy and – for some reason – I absolutely very love small cars, especially peppy ones. This car is only ten feet long, yet it can hold twice as many people as the Smart Car. It is currently considered the smallest four passenger car on the market.

Seeing it before with fat, wide tires and wheels was pretty neat. This is not a bad looking car, it’s got more going on and many noted its great looking interior. On the whole, this Scion is but one step away from bringing great. Still, I’ll settle for “good” until they bolt a manual; which, I bet it would become freekin’ awesome!

Hopefully, Scion will stick a manual transmission to allow their “youth” market customers to have some fun.

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