LA Auto Show what’s hot & what’s not: another cool Mazda concept that will Never be built

Mazda Concept

Mazda builds good cars. Even “She-who-MUST-be-obeyed” (wife) drives one. But, Mazda is known for some outrageous and sexy concept cars. Not the least of which is this drop-dead gorgeous Shinari Concept No, it’s not the next RX7-8 or 9… it’s a cool concept – period. The dude who penned it has something to do with the first generation RX7.

There are new company names used to back up the design. This time, it’s “Kodo” and it is another organic, wave-like attempt at making something emotional. Well, I don’t know about the nature part of the design, but I will say it is a foxy, almost devilish looking car – that will never see production.

There were a bunch of scrappy rejects from “Melrose Place” who were rather verbose about how this car is a “game changer.” Sorry pal, this car ain’t being made – but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

Tidbits: It’s truly a lovely car that is only placed in obscurity based on a few different, rather fresh concepts. If the rumors are true, we might see the next generation RX Mazda with many of these components.

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