Which cars do insurance companies hate? And the winner is…


Recently the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration took a long hard look at home much it cost to repair cars after they've been involved in an accident.

The report the Fed agency put together is called (be warned this is a long to title) "Comparison of Difference in Insurance Costs for Passenger Cars, Station
Wagons/Passenger Vans, Pickups, and Sport Utility Vehicles on the Basis
of Damage Susceptibility."

In other words, they looked at the risk to insure different car models for damage by insurance companies.

So what car do you suppose is the winner (or is it loser)? You know that car that costs the most to repair after and accident.

Drum roll please.

At a whopping 524% more than average to "damage susceptibility" the winner (or is it loser) is the Maserati Granturismo.

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According to USA Today the other cars that make this dubious list are:


Mini Cars

  • Two doors — Hyundai Accent, 7%
    more than average.
  • Four doors — Toyota Yaris, 32% more than
  • Station Wagons — Kia Rio — 7% more than average


  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution four-wheel-drive
    — 237% more than average
  • Station Wagons — Subaru Impreza WRX
    4WD — 56% more than average.
  • Sports Models — Audi TT — 84%
    more than average.


Midsize Cars

  • Two-doors
    — Nissan Altima, 170% more than average
  • Four-doors — Nissan
    Maxima, 130% more than average
  • Station Wagons — Audi A3
  • Sports
    models — Ferrari F430, 253% above average.
  • Luxury models —
    BMW M3, 223%

Large Cars

  • Two-door
    models — Dodge Challenger, 167% more than average.
  • Four-door
    models — Maserati Granturismo, 524% more than average.


  • Two-door, Ford Ranger Supercab, 9% more
    than average
  • Four-door, GMC Canyon four-wheel-drive, 6% more
    than average


Large Pickups

  • Two-door,
    Toyota Tundra LWB, 24%
  • Four-door, Nissan Titan King Long Bed,

Sport Utility Vehicles

Small SUVs

  • Suzuki
    Grand Vitara 15%

Midsize SUVs

  • Suzuki XL7 four
    door 7%

Large SUVs

  • Volkswagen Touareg 4%




  • BMW X6 4WD, 73%


  • Mercedes-Benz
    G Class, 4WD, 148%

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