Leaked report says next generation of Nissan GT-R to be a hybrid


If the the current Lexus GS 450 hybrid can sprint from 0-60 mph in about 5 seconds, how fast do you think that the next generation Hybrid Nissan GT-R can go to 60 mph?

According to a new report leaked to the Japaneses Best Car magazine the next generation of the super fast Nissan GT-R will be a hybrid.

The magazine is reporting that the hybrid GT-R will come with an "electric motor capable to deliver around 160 hp but also with a powerful gasoline engine which will deliver around 440 hp.

This means that the new car will deliver an impressive 600 hp and
promises to be a real punch for the sports cars manufacturers and like
the current model it will be a rival for every sports car in the world," according to 4wheelnews.com.

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