2010 Toyota Prius V video review: a not so normal car for the very normal driver


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Like the Volkswagen Beetle and the Ford Model T before it, Toyota considers the Prius an iconic car.

And so is Toyota correct? Because unlike any other car made in the last 100 years, the Prius has brought back electricity as a viable way to power a car.

It opened the door for the Volt, the Tesla, and hundreds of other cars that will soon join the Hybrid and EV car craze. 

Today we test the
2010 Toyota Prius V to find out if the third generation Prius can carry the torch as the hybrid car poster child and live up to Toyota's expectations.

2010 Toyota Prius 5

Price as Tested: $33,079.00

Engine, Transmission: Hybrid Synergy Drive 1.8L DOHC 16V VVT 4-Cylinder

Horsepower: 134


G-Tac Test Data test at 5430 feet above sea level

1/4 Mile: 17.35 second at 67 mph

0-60 mph: 9.63

60-0 stopping: 114 feet

Max Acceleration: 0.44 g's

 EPA Fuel Economy Estimates

City: 51 mpg

Highway: 48 mpg

Combined: 50 mpg

As tested: 46.3 mpg

CO2 per year: 4,995 lbs

Which generation of Prius is faster—the second or the all new third gen model? Click HERE to watch a race and to find out.

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