First Drive Video: The new Chevy Cruze


General Motors has pinned high hopes on the new high tech Volt,
but GM's real bread and butter car that's scheduled out next spring is
probably not the Volt, but the new Chevy Cruze.

The Chevy Cruze will be built at the Lordstown Assembly Plant in
northeast Ohio which has recently put over 2000 people to work because
the cash for clunkers program has increased sales of the Chevrolet
Cobalt…which is currently built a the plant.

"Everyone's anticipating it," Tiffany King, who has worked at the plant for a dozen years said. "There's people at my church
that are willing to not buy a car right now because they're excited
about the new Cruze."

So the more upscale Chevy Cruze is the car of the future for GM so how does it drive?

Reports from England, where the car is just going on sale, are mixed.

Take a look at the first drive video review below of GM's new Chevy Cruze from England:

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