BMW compact X1 will come to America and replace the current X3 in 2011


OK, so the headline is a bit misleading but essentially true.

The new X1 isn't all of that compact.

BMW has just released the official photos and specs of the new X1 SUV and guess what?

It is essentially the same size as the X3. Which most likely means that it will slot into the current X3 entry market position, which probably means the X3 moves up to the X5 mid range size and the next generation X5 gets scary big.

BMWX12x OK, so "scary" is not the best word, but how about just this "wee" size of Cadillac Escalade big.

In Europe the X1 will get four different engines, one gasoline and three diesels, which most likely means we'll get three different engines, one diesel and two gasoline, if BMW continues with the current trend.

The new entry level BMW SUV also comes in both AWD, and the more traditional rear wheel drive for what could make for pretty decent millage for a tall and "compact" BMW SUV.