Video: When life imitates art: the stunning Citroen GT from Gran Turismo spotted in London


It used to be that video game makers and programmers would model their virtual cars on real cars.

You know…crazy expensive Ferraris and Porches are rendered in exquisite details so that normal mortals with (or without) a driver's license can take them for a spin in the comfort of their own homes.

One of the most successful PS2 (and now PS3) driving games is of course Gran Turismo. The Sony game made its name because the internal software physics engine that realistically models the super car real handling and performance dynamics.

So far so good?

But recently this entire model was turned on its dead when French family car maker Citroen decide to collaborate with the Japaneses software types behind the newest version of Gran Turismo and actually build a real car based on a virtual car…and get this…first seen and driven in the current prologue to Gran Turismo.

Thus the stunning and way over-the-top GTbyCitroen was born. And now comes the shocking news that it will now actually go into production As proof of concept…the latest prototype version of the GT was recently photographed cruising the street of London

Motor Trend reports:

"Since its digital birth and materialization at the 2008 Paris auto show, the GT has received quite the popularity for its daedal exterior and eco-conscious drivetrain. The popularity is such that a report from Autocar indicates an extremely limited production model is forthcoming. This version, however, will eschew its fuel cell and electric motors for a 500-hp V-8 from either Ford or General Motors."

But why speculate on the car when you can watch an early test drive and review below:

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