Wishful Thinking? Another Source Says V8s *Won’t* Be Coming Back to Mercedes-AMG C 63, E 63 Models

There are conflicting reports about what's happening here...so we'll have to wait and see to know for sure

The rumormill is abuzz right now…

You know there’s always going to be a storm (you know the kind) any time you get between die-hard enthusiasts and their V8s. Just last week, anonymous sources seemed to indicate that Mercedes-AMG would reverse course on its controversial decision to drop eight-cylinder offerings in the C 63 S E Performance and the upcoming E 63 S. Instead of sticking with the four-pot and six-cylinder powertrains for each car, respectively, these sources said AMG would bring back the good-ol’ V8 to placate angry fans and customers. Well, after another source spoke out to German outlet Auto, Motor und Sport, we have information that 100% contradicts the “we’re going back to V8s” claim.

“This is pure nonsense,” the outlet’s insider sources within AMG said. Going even further, the latest piece says folks over in Affalterbach met earlier reports that AMG would revive its V8s in the C- and E-Class with “a general shaking of heads”.

So, which side is right? Well, our contacts within Mercedes-Benz won’t tell us about future product, so whatever we’re able to piece together is also hearsay, at best. Looking at enthusiast circles, few seem to be genuinely happy about Mercedes-AMG’s decision to move away from V8s. On the other hand, the automaker did heavily invest toward electrification, all in pursuit of a future of stricter emissions standards and a perpetual need for downsizing — and ultimately eliminating — internal combustion engines.

As ever, time will tell. Mercedes-AMG was supposedly going to reintroduce its V8s by 2026 (modified to meet the latest emissions standards, of course). Will that happen? Again, leaning toward either side with certainty would amount to misinforming you all in the TFL community, so we can only shrug and keep our ears to the ground, for the time being.