Want a 677 Horsepower 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE? It’ll Cost You At Least $109,300

The insanely quick crossover still

We knew the Mercedes-AMG EQE is seriously quick, but now we know how much that speed will cost.

While it’s still focusing on its internal combustion lineups as well, Mercedes has been rolling out EV after EV over the past few years, including the new EQE SUV. After launching the standard models of its electric GLE equivalent, the automaker brought out the high-performance AMG version. As Nathan pointed out when he actually tested the Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV (OMG, ETC…), it’s a phenomenally quick car. But then it would be, since it has 677 horsepower on tap. Now, the company announced how much you’ll have to pay for that sort of power.

Bottom line, you’ll need to shell out at least $109,300 for the standard SUV. That’s a ton of cash (or credit), but you do get Mercedes’ latest technology, including a battery of displays for the driver, center area and even the passenger. A more luxurious version, called the Pinnacle trim, adds a bit more on top of that six-figure price tag, for a starting MSRP of $112,600. Honestly, if you can stomach the car’s baseline price tag, the Pinnacle probably isn’t much of a budgetary stretch at that point.

Like Mercedes-AMG’s other electric models, there are more cues to the car’s pretentions other than the stupidly powerful motors. You get the traditional AMG slats in the faux-grille, as well as massive 21- or 22-inch wheels. Night Package appearance upgrades are available should you want something a bit more stealthy, while you get air suspension and adaptive rear-wheel steering as standard fare.

The rear-wheel steering is an especially cool touch, actually, as it makes its bigger EQS SUV sibling far more maneuverable. The wheels turn in opposite directions at slow speeds, tightening the cornering circle to match a smaller-segment option. At higher speeds, they turn in the same direction to make for more stable lane changes. Different drive modes also cut the power back, so you won’t have to contend with the full-fat 677 horsepower unless you’re in Sport+ and use the temporary boost function.

The 2024 Mercedes-AMG EQE SUV is available in dealerships now.