This Is the Replacement for the McLaren 720S (Don’t Worry, the Full Reveal Is Coming Tomorrow)

You can see a bit of it and *hear* it before it breaks cover

McLaren 720S replacement - teaser
(Image: McLaren Automotive)

The next McLaren supercar is nearly upon us. Check it out!

Most recently, the hybrid Artura replaced the 570S at one end of the British automaker’s lineup. Now we’re about to see the follow-up for the McLaren 720S, as the wraps come off its replacement tomorrow, April 25 at 7 PM EST.

The general consensus at the moment is that McLaren will call it the ‘750S’ and you can actually hear it in this short Twitter clip below:

“Join us for the unveiling of the new benchmark supercar,” the company says with today’s announcement. Honestly, it’s a bit tough to counter them on that “benchmark” point, as McLaren’s been perennially poking Ferrari and Lamborghini in the eyes since the company launched the 12C (or MP4-12C, in its early days) more than a decade ago.

What exactly will this car have in store? We don’t know for sure, but most suspect it will pack a revised version of the 720S’ 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8. In terms of power, expect more — possibly in the region of 750 horsepower, to the outgoing car’s 710. The silhouetted car above sounds a little different to the 720S, though we don’t know what sort of audio trickery is afoot in that clip, if any.

How about a PHEV powertrain? Again, it’s unclear at the moment exactly what we’ll see, but at least we don’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

Before we dive into the new, let’s remind ourselves the benchmark the 720S (and its Spider variant) set below: