2023 Honda Civic Type R Under Stop-Sale, Recall For Possibly Faulty Seat Welds

Honda says it will notify Type R owners of the problem by mid-May

(Images: Honda)

All new Honda Civic Type R models are affected by this latest safety recall.

A new post over at CivicXI forum revealed a new recall potentially hitting all new Civic Type Rs. According to a dealer bulletin (23-030), Honda says: “Due to improper manufacturing, the driver’s seat cushion frame assembly may have faulty welds.” Those problematic welds could lead to the seat squeaking and rattling, which is a problem some owners have noted on the forum from Noember 2022 onward.

It’s also a safety issue, since the seat cushion weld could actually break in a crash. That impacts the protective capability of the seat belt, increasing the risk of injury to the driver. While the automaker says it did notify the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on March 30, it will likely take a few days for those documents to become publicly available. We typically see that information go up about a week after an initial bulletin goes out, and this service notification just went out to dealers today.

2023 Honda Civic Type R driver's seat

Presently, Honda says no parts or repair procedures are available to fix the problem. It will notify owners about the problem by mid-May, though dealers must notify customers that there is an open recall on their Civic Type R if they bring the vehicle in for service in the meantime. Until the automaker is able to sort out the issue, the car is under stop-sale, since it’s illegal under federal law to sell a new vehicle with a safety defect before taking corrective action.