Are You Afeelin’ Honda and Sony’s New Afeela EV?

Sony and Honda reveal the name for their new joint-venture electric car

Sony Honda Mobility names its new car brand “Afeela”.

Sony Honda Mobility has just revealed their EV brand Afeela at CES 2023. All the way back in CES 2020, Sony shocked everyone with the reveal of their Vision-S concept. Building an EV is a big jump from making phones and gaming consoles.

Sony has a ton of experience with developing electronics. The partnership with Honda brings in a similar level of experience on the automotive side.

Progress on the concept so far

The newly revealed Afeela concept (above, left) has made clear progress since the 2020 Vision-S prototype (above, right). Sony and Honda’s prototype Afeela is much smoother than the original design, with flush headlights, fewer body lines and aerodynamic wheels.

Both cars share the obligatory concept car camera mirrors and the same general proportions. Video footage on the Afeela website shows a detailed front screen that plays along with the running light’s greeting. Topping off the front light signature is a full width light bar that breaks at the front wheel arch and resumes until it meets the front door.

Getting under the skin

Behind the minimalist bodywork is an equally modern, airy interior furnished with more screen than dash. Ambient lighting follows the screen, into the doors and even around the moon roof. Each side of the dash has an additional display for the camera mirrors, angled toward the driver.

Probably the most surprising feature inside is the controversial Tesla Yoke style steering wheel. The Tesla steering yoke was not very well received, and we’re surprised to see anyone else adopt a similar design. Between both front seats sits a minimal control panel. Otherwise the interior is about as blank as it can be.

More information to come

As for hard facts on the car, there aren’t many. Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) claims the car uses 45 cameras and sensors, some of which appear to be visible just above the windshield. The Afeela website emphasizes autonomy and augmentation as features in the final product. They are also collaborating with Epic Games to include some form of entertainment built into the car. Maybe a play station?

Pre-orders open in the first half of 2025 with deliveries estimated in the spring of 2026 for North America.