The 2024 BMW M3 CS Packs Huge Grunt with An Equally Huge $120K Price Tag

It's stupidly quick, but you'll need deep pockets to snag one

2024 BMW M3 CS
(Images: BMW)
  • The BMW M3 CS returns with less weight, more power and an (expectedly) high $119,695 price tag.
  • This “Competition Sport” model packs a $36,100 premium over the M3 Competition, but adds another 40 horsepower and subtracts 75 pounds from the curb weight.
  • BMW says the M3 CS will arrive in March “in limited numbers”, but it’s not clear how many the automaker will ultimately build.

The new 2024 BMW M3 CS goes automatic only, but I doubt many people will mind.

With this new generation M3, we’ve just been waiting for BMW’s M division to roll out the even more hardcore CS models. We last saw it with the M4-based CSL, and now it’s time for the four-door M3 to make its appearance. The good news is that unlike the CSL, we’ll actually see this hotter M3 in North America. The down side? It’s not exactly cheap…coming in at $119,695 to start (but at least that includes destination).

Like other “Competition Sport” models, the 2024 BMW M3 CS basically dials things up to eleven. Or, in this case, the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine gets dialed up to 543 horsepower, bringing 40 more horses than the next car down the range, the M3 Competition. Thanks to the extra grunt and carbon fiber shaving 75 pounds off the curb weight with M Carbon bucket seats and a titanium exhaust system, the M3 CS makes the 0-60 sprint in 3.2 seconds. Top speed also gets a nice bump to 188 mph, making this car about as stupidly fast as you can get without buying a full-on supercar.

Sticking with the engine a bit longer, BMW says it found the extra power by cranking up the boost (how novel!) from 24.7 psi to 30.5 psi. What’s more, it also remapped the ECU to bring that 40 horsepower boost, but the 479 lb-ft of torque remains the same as the M3 Competition xDrive. Unlike past CS models, this M3 CS also goes all-in on the 8-speed automatic. I’d be sad about that, but (A) the car is insanely quick, and (B) you can at least switch the car’s AWD system into rear-wheel drive only mode with the stability control off.

I’m lucky I can’t afford this car.

Special touches abound for the CS model

Apart from just giving it more shove, the 2024 BMW M3 CS also brings in a host of other notable tweaks. BMW upgrades the chassis, for example, with specifically-tuned, electronically controlled suspension and CS-specific anti-roll bars. Axle kinematics and wheel camber is also specifically set for this model, because they know what most buyers are going to track this car at some point. The steering calibration is unique, as is programming for the xDrive and stability control systems.

On the styling front, BMW goes expectedly hardcore for the M3 CS. You can tell it apart from its lesser counterparts by way of the red accents around the kidney grille, a whack of carbon fiber throughout the body, an Alcantara steering wheel and even an illuminated M3 CS badge on the upper grille bars. You also get yellow daytime running lights instead of the traditional white ones, in a nod to BMW’s motorsports pedigree (and the M5 CS, to wit).

BMW Individual Signal Green is the reveal color for this car, though you’ll be able to get it in the signature Frozen White as well. Black Sapphire Metallic and Brooklyn Grey Metallic are also available.

Inside, the 2024 BMW M3 CS features the same 14.9-inch curved display as the standard 3 series. There’s carbon fiber aplenty throughout the interior, right down to the shift paddles. Finally, you get Mugello Red stitching on the Merino leather seats and special door sill plates.

Every M3 CS comes with BMW’s M Drive Professional package as standard equipment. That adds an M Drift Analyzer as well as lap-timing capability (again, this is a track-focused beast) and a 10-stage traction control system.

So, what do you think? Would you fork over the extra $36,100 over a standard M3 Competition? Speaking of which, you can check that out below: