Shocking Result: The 2023 Toyota Prius Is So Much Quicker Than the Old One

There's plenty of good points with the brand-new Prius

Toyota Prius: Here’s everything that’s changed from the old one, and whether all the changes are good.

Tommy recently had the chance to test a brand new, 2023 Toyota Prius alongside the car it replaces. The new 5th generation Prius boasts a broad range of updates compared to the 4th gen. However, not all of the changes modify the car for the better.

Arguably the biggest alteration on the 2023 Toyota Prius comes down to styling. Toyota added length and width to the car while simultaneously dropping the roofline by two inches. That alone made a drastic difference to the proportions of the Prius. Another style driven update is the roof’s highest point moving backwards. Beforehand, the roof peaked right above the front passengers maximizing headroom.

The new interior (below, left) is overall much more contemporary in design. While the old Prius (below, right) was extremely functional in its layout, it showed its age.

60 Percent More Power and 3 Seconds Faster 0-60

4th generation Prius used a 1.8 liter 4-cylinder paired to a hybrid system that could produce 121 horsepower. That system has made way for a bigger 2.0 liter 4-cylinder hybrid powertrain with as much as 196 horsepower.

That brings the once shockingly slow 0-60 time down by nearly 3 seconds! Tommy tested both car’s acceleration under the same conditions in a real world environment. There he managed 10.5 seconds in the old car, and 7.7 in the new.

The Prius has never been about performance in the traditional sense. It is, however, a supercar when it comes to economy. Thankfully added power hasn’t distracted the 2023 Prius from being thrifty. A base FWD model can squeeze out as much as a claimed 57mpg. Even the best equipped AWD Limited gets 49MPG according to Toyota. That’s no worse than the old car when it comes to fuel savings.

Optional AWD introduces a much better 40 horsepower electric motor in the rear. That’s another big improvement from the 4th generation AWD’s 7 horse rear motor.

Sounds Good, But What’s the Catch?

Nothing is perfect, and for the 2023 Toyota Prius it comes down to interior volume. When Toyota lowered the roofline the Prius lost a lot of headroom. Even Tommy at 6′ tall had a hard time fitting in the front seat.

That’s a big downside for a car used frequently by Uber drivers and generally practical consumers. However shorter drivers will have the chance to buy a 2023 Prius beginning as early as January of 2023. Base, LE models start at a suggested retail price of $28,545 including destination. An AWD Limited with all the bells and whistles will top out the range at $39,020.

Though the Prius has lost some of its utility, it more than makes up for it in added style and performance. To see the new 2023 Toyota Prius and all of its features up close, check out Tommy’s first video linked below.