Jeep Wants You to Name Its New Electric Wagoneer — And Sweetens the Pot with a $40,000 Ski Trip

If you win, you and three friends could get a six-day ski trip to Jackson Hole

All-electric Jeep Wagoneer
(Images: Stellantis)

“It has everything you could ask for — except a name.”

Fielding the general public’s opinion for a car’s name is nothing new, and now you can add the upcoming electric Jeep Wagoneer to that list. The project, codenamed “Wagoneer S”, reportedly has a few names kicking around among the internal team, but you can throw your idea into the ring using the website Name the New Wagoneer.

The contest runs now through December 2, 2022. Like any other sweepstakes-style affair, it’s open to permanent U.S. residents that have reached the age of majority in their state (usually 18, but double-check where you live). If your name ends up beating the pack, you won’t just get bragging rights, either. Jeep is throwing in a ski trip package to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for four, valued up to $40,000. That includes airfare, lodging, lift tickets, instruction, rentals and a $1,000 gift card to retail store.

All-electric Jeep Wagoneer

Apart from giving your personal information, the only major rule is that the name has to be 50 characters or less. Another couple caveats: You can’t enter if you’ve won a previous award and the name must be original. That length is actually fairly generous, as you can fit quite a bit of information in that space. Even something super catchy like the “Honda Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon” (remember that?) is only 35 characters, including the brand name. You have some artistic merit is my point to put something like the Jeep “Wagoneer Electric Big Whoop Wanna Fight About It?”.

Obviously, I know most of you guys out there are far more creative than that. The “Wagoneer S” succinctly laid out more of a performance intent for the electric version with dual motors and around 600 horsepower. It’s a Jeep that should manage about a 3.5-second 0-60 time, and the company’s aiming for about 400 miles of range (naturally less if you’re doing full-bore standing starts from every traffic light).

Whatever name Jeep picks, reservation books will open up for the electric Wagoneer early next year.