The Redesigned 2023 Honda Accord Shows Its Face (and a Bit More) Before Its November Reveal

2023 Honda Accord
(Images: Honda)

Here’s your first (sort of) look at the new 2023 Honda Accord.

These new shots reveal new, albeit familiar design language that’s in store when the eleventh-generation Accord makes its full debut in November. Honda’s been moving full speed ahead with its new product launches, from the new Civic to the HR-V and CR-V crossovers. In time, we’ll get a new Pilot, but the automaker isn’t forgetting one of its most iconic, mainstay models.

Today’s announcement reveals both front and rear fascias, showing off a sleeker look. We’re getting a far more pronounced mesh grille from the outgoing Accord, while there are also brand-new headlights with fashionably thin daytime running lights. If you weren’t a big fan of Honda’s former shield front end design, you may appreciate this change.

While the front looks distinctive in its own right, there are arguably larger changes at play out back. The new taillights are a major shift from the tenth-gen car, and a light bar (once again in vogue) stretches nearly the entire width of the car. The rest of this Accord’s styling is fairly understated, from what we can see, but that’s how Honda’s midsize contender has really made a name for itself. It’s meant to be a car that appeals to a wide audience, and here the company looks like it’s subtly tweaked and modernized the formula.

Honda only shared one number: the 12.3-inch infotainment screen.

Inside, we get a slight glimpse of the cluster, looking awfully similar to what’s now in the Civic and the CR-V. This Accord has a far larger infotainment unit than either of those cars, though. There is still a physical volume knob, but it sits just under the screen to accommodate that extra real estate. You may also notice it’s running completely different software to what we’ve seen in the past. For this new-generation Accord, Honda’s using a Google-based system. So, you’ll get native Google Maps, the Google Assistant and access to the Play Store for additional app connectivity.

The automaker’s statement didn’t share much else at the moment, except to say that the new 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid has a “more responsive and fun-to-drive hybrid powertrain”. Encouraging words, but we’ll have to see how that plays out in practice once Honda fully reveals the car.

We don’t have too much longer to wait, fortunately, as we’re only a week away from November. Stay tuned for more coming soon! In the meantime, check out Roman’s latest impressions on the 2023 CR-V below: