(Video) The New BMW i7 Redefines Electric Luxury & Roman Tours the Busan (Korea) Motor Show

Image: BMW

While Roman takes some quality time with the BMW i7; as he strolls through the Busan Motor Show – his eye catches something unexpected.

Yes, we all know that the BMW i7 is a revolutionary vehicle, one that was extremely popular at the 2022 Busan Motor Show. Roman was in Korea covering vehicles that debuted from Hyundai and Kia, and he attended the show. The Busan show is fairly small, with just a handful of automakers in attendance. Still, the show itself was rather eye-opening for Roman – as he discovered quite a few surprises.

German cars, like the BMW i7, will sell well in South Korea

You will see a ton of Hyundai, Kia and Genesis vehicles roaming the streets of South Korea, that makes sense. What a lot of people don’t know is that German cars sell uncommonly well there too. While South Korea gets a lot of vehicles we (in the United States) get, they also get a few we don’t. That was especially apparent when Roman zeroed in on a BMW 2 Series hatchback. This small city car is not available here, which is a shame.

Other astute visitors in South Korea have noticed an abundance of Minis as well. The country has one of the larger Mini Cooper populations per capita.

Image: BMW

Despite a terrific display of cars, trucks and SUVs, Roman was caught, on camera, falling in love. Yes, it was a BMW, but not the BMW i7 featured in this post. No, Roman was damn-near smitten by the BMW M 1000 RR. Sitting by itself, next to the other BMW cars, the M 1000 RR stands out. It simply looks the business, with styling and design that’s all kind of bonkers – and functional. Roman spent nearly a quarter of the video drooling all over the bike.

It’s not like any of us blame him. It does LOOK epic.

Check out this video and let’s see what you think!