What the Hell Fiat? The Most Awesome Electric Fiat 500 is Not Available in the U.S.?!

For some reason, the 2022 all-new electric Fiat 500 was on the floor of the 2022 New York Auto Show – despite not being available here.

The 2022 electric Fiat 500 is a completely new car from its predecessor, with a new platform that’s solely built for an electric powertrain.

Production began in Mirafiori in February 2020, but production had to be halted temporarily because of the pandemic. Now that things are (somewhat) back on track, the electric Fiat 500 is on sale in Europe and South America. So far, the reviews have been pretty good, and the numbers are impressive too.

This vehicle has nothing to do with the previous 500 EV, which was based on a gas-powered 500’s platform. The new platform makes the 500 2.4-inches, and 2.4-inches wider. It’s also taller, yet – it is still tiny compared to most vehicles in this bracket. Overseas, the electric Fiat 500 competes against the Mini EV, the Honda E and others.

There are three distinct models for sale overseas: Hatchback, Cabriolet and 3+1. The 3+1 designation gives the hatchback a third door that opens clamshell-style. It gives passengers easier access to the rear seat – which is much roomier than the previous model.

This is the New Fiat 500 key fob, and (looking like a polished stone) it’s a magnificent idea. (Image: Fiat)

The new electric Fiat 500 is offered with a choice of two motor and battery combinations.

A base 94 horsepower motor comes with a 24 kWh battery. The second, higher level motor makes 117 hp, and it’s mated to a 42 kWh battery. Charging is different with the 24 kWh battery using 50 kW and the 42 kWh battery using 80 kW. Mileage for the small battery is estimated at 115 miles, with the larger one getting up to 199 miles. These numbers are based on European calculations.

The only explanation we’ve seen regarding the New Fiat 500’s presence at the 22′ NYAS is because they were at the 2021 CES, and they just happened to be around. Sorry, but that’s a lame explanation.

Prices for the 2023 electric Fiat 500 (simply called the New Fiat 500) starts at about $29,000 U.S.

Other journalists have asked Fiat and Stellantis WHY the electric Fiat 500 was on display at the New York Auto Show. Basically, the response is a smile and a shrug. It’s a pretty good guess that they are judging the response of their vehicle to see if there’s a desire to have them imported here.

Honestly, if Fiat is serious about being relevant in the U.S., they need to start selling the New Fiat 500 here – now. All they have in their remaining fleet is the Fiat 500X, which is barely a blip on buyer’s radar. If Stellantis wants to get serious about electric cars in the Unityed States, why not start with this one?

This is the only Fiat for sale in the United States.