Leaked Acura Integra Info Shows Colors, Trims…and a CVT?

We kind of thought it would get Acura's 10-speed...but that's evidently not happening

The 2023 Acura Integra is shaping up more and more like the Civic, for better or worse. (Images: Acura)

Disappointed? There are a few omissions from the 2023 Acura Integra.

While most folks have long awaited the heroic return of the vaunted Acura Integra, the reception to its debut has been lukewarm, to say the least. Enthusiasts wanted some verve — a spirit of handing and performance that echoed the originals, and particularly the DC2 generation that spawned the Type R. We are getting a manual transmission, but as for the other points on the wish list? Not so much.

A member over at Integra Talk forums leaked some new information about the upcoming car, and…well, you may want to brace yourself. We know this car is largely based on the new Honda Civic (the old car was Civic-derived, too), but we expected a few significant changes under the skin. One is Acura’s automatic transmission — and according to the leak, that’s not happening. Instead, the base, A-Spec both get a continuously variable transmission.

But what about that 6-speed manual? Surely, that’s still a thing right? Yes, but if this information is accurate it’s only available on the top-end A-Spec with Acura’s Tech Package. Perhaps it’s no major surprise that Acura relegated the 6-speed to the fully-loaded car, but that does mean those looking for a bit of a bargain, manual Acura may be out of luck. Mind you, full pricing isn’t out yet, so there’s no saying with certainty how much enthusiasts will have to pay if they want a fully optioned, manual Integra.

2023 Acura Integra (Prototype) reveal

That yellow isn’t an option either?

Again per Integra Talk, one of the other weird omissions seems to be the bright yellow paint. There’s black, blue, gray, red, silver and white, but that’s it. The A-Spec reportedly gets its signature Apex Blue Pearl as we’ve seen on other models, while you can get a black, orchid or red interior depending on which exterior color you choose. Some colors will restrict your interior choice.

Still, the gist of this leaked information is a CVT on all trims apart from the top-dog Integra. And look, before you send in emails hammering us for dogging CVTs wherever they pop up — they do of course have a well-intentioned purpose. Smoother power delivery and better fuel economy in everyday driving aren’t bad aims…for an economy-minded car.

Acura Integra — manual transmission
You can get a manual Acura Integra, but it may just be with one spec — if a recent leak proves accurate.

I don’t mind a CVT in your ordinary Honda Civic. In fact, Honda does a pretty solid job of incorporating their CVT with that 1.5-liter turbo engine. But the Acura Integra is supposed to (more or less) be a sports sedan. Most car nuts out there may accept that this generation is a five-door liftback rather than a coupe. But as this is ostensibly a performance car from a brand that makes great use of torque converter automatics, keeping the CVT could miss the sweet spot even for those who don’t want to row their own gears.

Based on some comments from the launch video, I think you guys feel the same way here. If anything, I’m still holding out hope for a Type S model — Acura’s take on a Civic Type R — with more power, a manual transmission and a special paint scheme. As ever, we’ll have to wait and see what Acura has up their sleeve, but let us know what you think!