The 2022 Volvo S60 Goes All Sinister With Limited-Run Black Edition

There won't be many of these, so act fast if you want one

Volvo S60 Black Edition

What are your thoughts on the Volvo S60 Black Edition?

There are quite a few words I’ve used to describe Volvo’s most recent design, and I’ll bring those back around for the S60. Svelte. Handsome. Classy. But sinister? It’s not a word that would immediately spring to my mind, but that seems to be what the company’s going for with its Tuesday announcement revealing the Volvo S60 Black Edition.

As you’d expect, take your standard S60 and fit every inch with gloss black accents, and you’re pretty much there. Side note: I’ve seen some owners stealth out their older S60Rs, and they do look pretty damn awesome, as understated sports sedans go. Here, you can get the Volvo S60 Black Edition with all the black trim plus 19-inch gloss black wheels and Onyx Black Metallic paint. If you want a bit more contrast, you can also buy the car in Crystal White Metallic.

That sort of defeats the purpose, to my mind, but there you go…you have that option.

The good news and the bad (inconvenient) news

Granted, most automakers offer some sort of blacked out version to their cars. It’s not that unique, be it Mercedes’ Night Package, Audi’s Black Optic Sport package or BMW’s Shadowline Package (and so on). Here’s a piece of good news, though: It’s not an expensive option for the S60. In fact, the S60 Black Edition adds another $700 to the purchase price of whichever model you spec it on. Another bit of good news in there, too — this is available on Momentum and R-Design models, as well as the Recharge plug-in hybrid.

So, what’s the catch? If you want a blacked-out S60 from the factory, you’ll have to act fact. It’s only available in limited numbers, as Volvo says it will manufacture “fewer than” 450 examples for the 2022 model year. Mind you, we’re not talking XC60 sales volumes here — the S60 sold just 10,550 units in 2021 — but still. Special editions, no matter the theme, tend to sell out quickly.

If street stealth isn’t your style, you can always get the V60 Cross Country wagon instead: