Here’s To A Larger Than Life Dream “Car” — A 2004 Ford Excursion: Owner Story

A lot of people absolutely adore these huge SUVs!

2004 Ford Excursion
Even today’s (larger) Ford Expedition Max still isn’t nearly as large as the old Excursion. (Images: Alex B. via email)

Meet Alex and his dream vehicle — an absolute leviathan for a Ford Excursion. You don’t see a huge number of these rigs on the road, but plenty of folks pine for when they were the flagship of the Blue Oval’s SUV lineup. Upon learning that we bought our own Excursion for an upcoming series, he wanted to reach out with his own story.

Here’s how he came to own this fantastic-looking “car” (in equally massive air quotes) below. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I also included the purchase video for our own Excursion down below, so check that out and stay tuned for much more coming soon!

Alex’s owner story

“This is my 2004 Ford Excursion Limited 4×4 with the 6.8-liter V10 engine, and over 230,000 miles.

This has been my dream vehicle since I was about 6 or 7 years old, and I had asked my dad what that “car” was. Now, at 20 years old, I finally was able to buy one. When I first got home with it, I had stepped out of the Excursion, and with a tear in my eye, I simply said, “I did it”. I’m on the spectrum and this has been one of my topics that I hold quite a bit of emotion towards. This vehicle brought my family where most of us had never been, and further than most of us had ever been away from home before. Seven passengers, and luggage for double that many, a big cooler, emergency gear, and some extra junk, comfortably sat in this Excursion from Rhode Island, to the Grand Canyon and back.

This trip actually achieved my mother’s dream of seeing the Grand Canyon in person. It was actually emotional to listen to that engine sing from sunrise to sunset, truck right on through winds and some heavy rain, never once leading us to thinking it wouldn’t make it. It just gracefully rolled on to the destination.

We had no real issues with the Excursion besides like weather stripping on the windshield being loose, and an outer tie rod end that was the result of a hotel parking lot that was not at all “big boy” friendly. All in all, we covered a good bit over 5,500 miles round-trip, and had so many great experiences. We absolutely cannot wait to do it again. It was solid in a way newer rentals just haven’t been. In fact, some were quite the opposite, with some really concerning issues that we felt risked safety in some instances.

A final note: I know the back end is lower than the front, I have some little issues and maintenance things to tie up and then I’m going to level it out soon.”

Thanks for sharing your story!

As always, a big thanks to Alex for sharing his owner story. We encourage folks to reach out via or with their stories. We’re a small team, so we can’t promise we’ll post every story on the website, but we do try to read them all and respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you all as well for your continued support, and especially for making our “No Payment Needed” series possible.