Mitsubishi’s Vision Ralliart Concept Revives Its Motorsport Heritage (For The Outlander PHEV)

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept
Mitsubishi has been using the Ralliart name once again over the past several months — and this brings it to the Outlander PHEV. (Images: Mitsubishi)

Ralliart is back!

At least it could be, if Mitsubishi’s recent concepts are indeed a nod in that direction. What you’re looking at here is the Vision Ralliart Concept, kicking off the theme of “The Next Era, The Next Adventure” at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022. What exactly does that look like? The 22-inch wheels, body kit and overall blacked-out appearance attempts to separate this particular concept from your everyday, run-of-the-mill Outlander PHEV.

Mitsubishi Vision Ralliart Concept

Beyond that, Mitsubishi’s concept adds in a more aggressive-looking diffuser and an F1-style center brake light. On the performance front, the automaker did bring in “larger brake discs and opposed-piston 6-pot brake calipers”, for what that’s worth. In a vacuum, these changes come together to make the Outlander at least somewhat appeal to those who want a little more pizzazz out of their family haulers.

What you don’t get here is the red and white Ralliart livery you probably remember, though we do get that with the Eclipse Cross and Outlander Ralliart Style concepts (shown below):

These two and the Ralliart Vision Concept round out the Ralliart-named concepts at Tokyo Auto Salon — totaling three out of seven total vehicles the manufacturer has on display at the event (the other is one more Outlander “Adventure Style” concept, as well as two kei cars and a built-up Delica D:5 van). If anything, we might get a bit more off-road capability should these actually make it to production.

If you see that Ralliart name and yearn for days long past — like the Lancer, for example — then this may miss more than it could ever hit. What do you think? Somehow, call me crazy, I don’t think some Mitsu enthusiasts like TFL’s pro racing driver Paul Gerrard would approve.